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  • Inflammation of the thyroid gland.




Study guide:


Subacute viral thyroditis

  • Caused by a viral infection

  • Patients will present with history of flu like symptoms

  • Cause hypo/hyperthyroidism 

  • Tinder thyroid 

Dx: 2 findings in lab 

      -( low TSH + High ESR)


         Low RAI uptake 


For the pain -> NSAID and asprin ( mild)


Corticosteroid ( more severe cases 

Subacute Lymphocytic  thyroditis

  • Self limited 

  • Similar to subacute viral thyroditis BUT not painful 

  • Low RAI uptake 

Chronic lymphocytic thyroditis 

  • It is hashimoto and lymphocytic thyroditid 

  • Caused by genetics and autoantibodies 

Dx: Thyroid study

( check hyperthyrodism summary ) 

Tx: Thyroxin 

Fibrosis thyroditis 

  • Simply fibrosis replace the thyroid tissue

  • Firm thyroid ​



- Surgey in case of complications


-Thyroxin in case of hypothyrodism  


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