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Name the abnormality seen in the picture above?

Name two reparatory disease associated with this abnormity?

Name two respiratory disease NOT associated with this abnormality?

The Respiratory  System       

A 55 year old male, who's a known case of congestive heart failure, came complaining of dyspnea and cough over the last 4 days which was gradual on onset. His X-ray shows:

Name two abnormalities in this X-ray including the sign of each of them?

What is the most likely diagnosis ?

A 26-year old immigrant from India came complaining of fever, night sweats, and weight loss for 5 weeks, it was associated with dry cough and decrease in appetite. His chest X-ray reveled the following:

What is the abnormality seen in this X-ray?

What is the most likely diagnosis?

Name the abnormal appearance seen in the above picture?

Name 1 disease entity that can cause this abnormality?

A 45 year old male came to the ER complaining of an acute onset  of shortness of breath, chest pain and chest tightness. He is a smoker and was diagnosed with emphysema 6 months ago.

His X-ray shows the following: 

What is your diagnoses?

What are the radiographical signs leading to this diagnosis ?

What is the immediate management ?

What is the Acid-Base disturbance seen in this ABG analysis?

What type of Respiratory failures this ?

Name two Condition that can cause this Acid-Base disturbance?

A 4 year old child was brought to the ER with an acute onset of shortness of breath. On examination, the child is cyanosed, and his tongue is protruding out of his mouth and he is drooling saliva. You can appreciate a stridor as well . His lateral neck X-ray shows the following:

What is the abnormal sign appreciated in this X-ray?

What does this abnormal finding indicate?

A 45 year old male came complaining of shortness of breath and feeling tired and weak. He Is a ship worker and has been working there for 10 years> X-ray and histology shows:

What is the most likely diagnosis ? And what is the causative agent ?

What are the abnormal X-ray findings supporting your diagnosis ?

What is the abnormality seen in the histology and what are they called?

What is the treatment of this disease?



Name the abnormal signs in A and B?

Mention 1 cause for each A and B?

A 60 year old female who's 2-weeks post cardiac surgery, suddenly complained of shortness of breath, she was slightly cyanosed and had a slight fever. Her X-ray shows the following:

What is your diagnosis?

Name 2 common causes of this abnormality?

What is the initial treatment option for this patient?

A 55 year old male, who's been a smoker for 15 years, came complaining of progressive weakness, and coughing up blood. He also lost 15 Kg in the last 6 months. His electrolytes show hyponatremia, and his X-ray shows the following:

Describe the abnormality in the X-ray and the most likely diagnosis?

Next step to confirm your diagnosis?

What can explain the hyponatremia in this patient ?

Spot Diagnosis Team:

Ali Al Othman 
Abdallah Bin Shabib 
Fahad Al Sayed 
Mohnnad Al Sammary 

Main Reviewer:  

Husam Al Tahan 

Adel Yasky 
Bader Al Tamimi


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