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The Endocrine System        

 A general inspection of a 48 Y/O old female patient revealed the following:

What is the name of the sign seen in this patient?

Name three conditions that cause this sign? 

 A general inspection of a 48 Y/O old female patient revealed the following:

What is your spot diagnosis?

What is the first test to order for diagnosing this disease?

What is the commonest cause of this disease?

Middle aged female came to you complaining of increased sweating, anxiety, and weight loss although she has a normal appetite. Inspection of her eyes showed:

What is the abnormal sign called?

Name one endocrine pathology causing this abnormality?

Based on the information provided above, what is the most likely diagnosis? 

Name 3 laboratory tests you will do to confirm your diagnosis?

A middle aged male was referred to you by the family physician for further evaluation. He is known to have liver cirrhosis.Upon physical examination you noticed the following: 

What is this sign called?

What disease is this patient most likely suffering from?

Which element’s metabolism is defective in this patient?

A 35 year old female came complaining of menstrual irregularities and “vision problem”, after thorough history and physical exam, the MRI shows: 

Based on the information mentioned above, what is your diagnosis?

what is the likely visual abnormality that will be present in this patient and why? 

Regarding medical treatment for this disease, what is the initial drug of choice?

Figures A and B illustrate 2 different patients  but suffering from the same disease. The presentation includes progressive weakness, fatigue, weight loss and salt craving.



Describe the abnormalities seen?

What is the most likely diagnosis?

What is the most common cause of this disease?

A 45 year old male came to the clinic complaining of weight gain. When measuring his blood pressure, it was higher than normal. Face inspection showed a ’moon’ face and neck inspection shows:

What is the name of this abnormal sign?

What is the most likely diagnose?

Name three other signs seen with this disease?

What is the most common cause of this disease?



Name the abnormalities in the pictures above?

With which disease/disorder are those abnormalities associated with?

Spot Diagnosis Team:

Ali Al Othman 
Abdallah Bin Shabib 
Fahad Al Sayed 
Mohnnad Al Sammary 

Main Reviewer:    

Husam Al Tahan 

​Adel Yasky 
Bader Al Tamimi
Bayan Alzomaili ​

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