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Thyroid Nodules

Study guide:

Thyroid nodules/neoplasms:

  • 90% of the thyroid nodules are benign.

  • To detect the nodule in palpation → it should be 1 cm or more in size

  • Our aim in case of thyroid nodule presence is to determine if it is benign or malignant:

Diagnoses and treatment:

  • Start with detecting the level of TSH:

    • If low → evaluate for hyperthyroidism and scan

    • If high → evaluate for hypothyroidism and US → if US confirms nodules → fine needle aspiration (FNA)

    • If normal → FNA:

      • FNA → malignant →surgery

      • FNA → benign → observe

      • FNA → suspicious or follicular neoplasm → 123 I scan (if cold ‘no function‘ →surgery, if hot ‘hyper function‘ → observe).


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